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Avoiding Common Mistakes in Motorcycle Towing

A motorcycle is a priced possession that most people value. Like any other vehicle, motorcycles break down and may require towing. Unfortunately, mishaps may happen during this procedure and no matter how expert or renowned the towing company is, there is nothing you can do when your motorcycle acquires damages. So to help you choose the best towing company, it is important to know the common mistakes in motorcycle towing so you can possibly avoid them and you can save a significant amount of money.

Not Keeping the Bike Secure

Motorcycles have to stand upright during the towing process. They require special straps to keep it secured and minimize falling caused by bumpy roads. Unfortunately, there are some companies that forget to keep the bike secured. Some may have straps in it but were not strong enough to prevent the motorcycle from falling while others who try to do the towing all by their selves do not use straps at all. So whenever your motorcycle needs to be towed, make it sure that the towing specialists use and apply the best straps. Check it properly if it is tightly in place no matter how bumpy the road will be.

Not Utilizing the Right Equipment

Motorcycles are not built or manufactured by the same company. Some of its models have unique features which are not common among other bikes. Therefore, it is important to remember that when there is a need for towing, the company should utilize the right equipment for a specific bike style. Let the towing company know your needs and check whether they can accommodate it. Otherwise, your motorcycle might end up getting into trouble because of not using the right equipment. Make sure that you check the towing company you hire and never settle for something that can compromise your motorcycle’s safety.

Not Giving Enough Space for the Motorcycle

If the towing company does not give enough space for the motorcycle, there is always a possibility that it might get scratches or dents when the truck hits a very bumpy road. So when you hire a towing company for your motorcycle, check if their truck can accommodate the size of your bike. Never let the company tow the motorcycle if it is not properly placed in a truck that has enough room to move slightly. Even if straps are placed, the truck should have enough space to keep the motorcycle free from damages.

Not Checking the Trailer’s Tire Pressure

If the towing company uses a trailer to tow the motorcycle, be sure that its wheels has the right tire pressure. Hauling a loaded trailer with tires that are low and not inflated can be dangerous as it can produce more friction. It may lead to an accident and damage the motorcycle entirely. Hence, you have to make it a point to verify the towing company’s capability to tow your motorcycle in a safe manner. They have to use the right equipment and the best trailer that can keep your bike secured.