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The Ten Best Ways To Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen

As the technology advances, car thieves are also becoming expert in stealing vehicles at any sorts. In fact, they are very familiar in unlocking a car door and operate a vehicle even without its keys. That is why vehicle owners are advised to be extra careful in securing their cars. They have to follow these ten simple ways in order to keep their car from being stolen.

  1. Put your vehicle in a garage. Thieves can easily steal a vehicle that is parked on the streets. To lessen the chances of this incident, park it on your garage and lock it securely. If you cannot build one because you are living in big cities, rent a space to secure your vehicle.
  2. Maintain the well-being of your vehicle. If you maintain the well-being of your vehicle, you are most likely aware when it will be missing, or you will place an alarm system and keep it locked all the time.
  3. Place a LED or alarm sticker. A blinking LED can make a difference especially when the car thief notices it. This can indicate the presence of an alarm, preventing the thief from getting into the car and steal it.
  4. Do not leave your valuables in the passenger’s seat. Leaving an important gadget, bag or anything valuable inside the car can entice the thief from stealing it. So as much as possible, you have to keep your things inside the compartment.
  5. Park safely. When you are visiting somewhere, make sure to park your vehicle in an area where there is a tight security or there are people who can observe a burglar attack. Do not just leave your car anywhere so that the risks for stealing are minimized.
  6. Installing the club. This system deters car thieves because they can see a giant metal bar that can keep moving the steering wheel. It might be easy to take away but it is visually helpful for keeping your vehicle from being stolen.
  7. Placing a hidden kill switch. Car thieves are always having a hard time starting the car. Most of them would work on the vehicle’s ignition and get a connector under the driver’s seat. So if you place a hidden kill switch, the thief will not be able to start the vehicle.
  8. Lock the doors. Though it is practical to keep the car door locked all the time, some people failed to do it. Thus, double check the doors all the time whenever you leave your vehicle in an open space.
  9. Take the steering wheel wherever you go. A car without a steering wheel cannot operate. So try to invest on a quick release steering wheel where you can take it wherever you go. Even if your car is not closed, the thief will not be able to make use of it.
  10. Drive a manual vehicle. Most Americans use automatic vehicles so these thieves may not be familiar with a manual operated car.

Owning a car is a big investment, so if you want to secure it always perform safety measures. Be updated on the latest techniques, gadgets or accessory that can keep your car away from burglar attacks.