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Car Maintenance Services in San Mateo

Are you hearing strange noises from your engine? You don’t want to wait until you see smoke, which could be a sign that it’s too late to repair your engine. All it takes is a few simple steps, like having your oil changed regularly, replacing old and worn out tires, adding antifreeze to your radiator, or just having a full inspection, to maintain the longevity of your car. At Rollie Auto Body, we provide you with all of these services, and much more. We’ve been working on cars for many years, and can help provide your vehicle, with the right services at the right prices. We operate in the San Mateo area, and are well renowned for our levels of dedication and reliability. It’s extremely important to take good care of your car, and we make sure that you receive that care at Rollie Auto Body.

High Quality Service & Reasonable Pricing

You should always pay attention to any early signs that your car is having problems. Early signs include, hearing noises from the engine, smelling a foul odor from the engine, driving with low air pressure in your tires, or if you see the yellow light blinking on your dashboard. All of these signs indicate that your car needs full attention and services. At Rollie Auto Body, we work with an exceptional team of mechanics that have been servicing all types of vehicles, for quite a while. Our highly qualified mechanics will be able to detect the exact problem, and provide you with the best services. All of our work is done on the spot, so you can always feel relaxed and comfortable with us.

Our San Mateo Auto Services include:

●     Full Automotive Repair
●     Brake Services
●     Wheel Alignment Services
●     Oil Change
●     Full Engine Repair / Replacement
●     Heating & Cooling Services
●     Flat Tire Change and Replacement
●     Filter Replacement Services
●     Full Vehicle Inspection

Rollie Auto Body Shop – Your Local Auto Assistance Provide

At Rollie Auto Body, we stand behind our honesty and reliability, which is what keeps our returning customers, coming back to us. We also take great pride in knowing that we offer the most competitive rates, and provide you with the elite services that your car deserves. Don’t wait until you see smoke, bring your car into our body shop today!