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Main Causes and Repair of Flat Tires

When you need to know all about flat tire cause and flat tire repair, you can simply give Rollie Auto Body & Towing a call. Our auto towing & roadside services in San Mateo are totally comprehensive and our emergency roadside assistance services include flat tire repair. Most people have experienced a flat tire at least once in their driving history. But many may not know the main causes, or the best methods of repair of flat tires. Allow us to explain more.

Common causes of flat tires include sharp objects that puncture tire. In many instances, these sharp objects are screws or nails lying in parking lots, in your home driveway, and sometimes even on the highway. Another common flat tire cause is damage to the valve stem. Others include a threadbare tire (meaning the rubber on the tire has been worn down), separation of the tire from the rim, too much air in the tire (too much pressure creates a micro-tear) and more.

What to Do When You Need a Flat Tire Repair?

In San Mateo, you only need Rollie Auto Body & Towing to take advantage of a towing professional who understands flat tire cause & flat tire repair. We suggest that you give us a call, and we’ll be happy to give you the information you need to get through a flat tire situation. There’s no need to change the tire yourself (you can if you want to, and know how), when you can take advantage of a Rollie Auto Body & Towing professional’s expertise. When you call, we’ll be happy to send someone right over. Whether you are at home, or broken down on the side of the road, we’ll be able to swiftly and effectively give you a flat tire repair (as long as you have a spare).

We recommend that you always have a properly maintained spare tire. When you break down due to one of the main causes of a flat tire, it pays to have a spare available that a towing professional can then quickly change out. You want to be able to be back on the road as quickly as possible!
Take advantage of our roadside and emergency services, such as flat tire repair today. We’re available to help all the residents of San Mateo. Simply call (650) 381-9988 when you need a flat tire repair.