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Towing services are one of those things you hope to never need, but at some point you inevitably DO need them. Your car might run out of gas, get in an accident, shred a tire, or the battery could die. Any number of things could happen to your vehicle to render it immobile and in need of emergency transportation by a tow truck service. Rollie Auto Body & Towing provides flatbed towing in San Mateo at competitive rates with any other flatbed towing provider in the area. For safety, security, and quality service, consider Rollie Auto Body & Towing for flatbed towing for your vehicle as opposed to other methods provided by alternative towing companies.

What’s So Special about Flatbed Towing?

With flatbed towing, your vehicle rests flat on a cargo bed – hence the name, “flatbed” – and is easily transported from one destination to the next. So why is flatbed towing better than other kinds of towing? While dolly towing or other methods will work fine, flatbed towing is by far the safest and most secure way of transporting your vehicle without it incurring any damages in the process.

Why Flatbed Towing Instead of Other Kinds of Towing?

There are plenty of reasons to get flatbed towing in San Mateo, and only one real reason to debate it. The debatable reason is the cost – it is more expensive than less safe, alternate forms of towing. Even so, we keep our rates competitive to save you the expense. And what’s more important is that you pay for what you get. If you want quality service, you may have to pay a bit more. Here we move onto the positive reasons to get flatbed towing. For starters, security: your vehicle will be safely secured to the flatbed, and as the surface upon which it rests is completely flat, there is no risk of your car sliding off the cargo bed. Additionally, it is raised up off the ground so as to protect it from other vehicles while being transported. Thirdly, your car will not receive any additional wear and tear because of the transportation process – no extra miles put on, no tires being worn down, and no other damages to the axles or anything else.

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