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How to Detect and Avoid Used Car Buying Scams

Buying a used car can be really tricky at times, but it can also be really rewarding. A lot of times customers get really sweet deals from sellers who are sincere and honest about pricing and their vehicle’s true condition. However, since it can be a very lucrative industry, scammers have been known to do absolutely anything just to extort cash from unsuspecting customers. Don’t be one of them. For this blog post we’ve rounded up some of the most common used car buying scams that you should be wary about and avoid.

How to Detect and Avoid Used Car Buying Scams

Curbstoning Scams

Sometimes, car dealers would pretend to be private sellers online to avoid national and state regulations on car buying and selling. Regulations require sellers to provide adequate documentation, honest and fair quotations, and other prerequisites as needed. By posing as private sellers, they get to avoid abiding by these and get to be more in control in terms of pricing their vehicle.

One way to avoid this is to look up the seller’s online profiles, and upon meeting up ask for any identification that matches their online profiles.

Escrow Scams

As a rule of thumb, all kinds of transactions, including those that involve money, should be done face to face. Some scammers set up fake “escrow accounts” that they would ask you to deposit money into; but once you deposit the money, they never contact you again or show up at any meetups.

Title Washing Scams

Scammers sometimes would hide the fact that the vehicle they’re selling is salvaged – that is, a vehicle that’s been refurbished after going through natural disasters, car wrecks, minor accidents, and etc. While refurbished vehicles aren’t all that bad, wouldn’t you want to know exactly what kind of vehicle you’re buying?