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Questions You Should Ask Your Mechanic

Over 80% of the adult population of San Mateo holds a valid drivingĀ  license and regularly uses some kind of a motor vehicle or another. The statistics are the same in most other cities in the U.S.
All motorized vehicles need to be serviced from time to time, there are regularĀ  tune-ups and oil changes as well as malfunction which may occur even in perfectly maintained vehicles of the highest quality. This being the case anyone who owns a car, van, truck, motorcycle, mobile home or any other type of motorized vehicle needs to have a mechanic they can turn to.

Most motorists have only very basic knowledge of motor vehicle mechanics. It is therefore possible for a dishonest mechanic to take advantage of his customers’ relative ignorance in order to overcharge or perform less than satisfactory work. How can you tell if your mechanic is one you can place your trust in?
We have gathered for you some pointers which will help you assess how trust worthy your mechanic really is. They are brought in form of a list of questions you can use to gather information which will help you choose right.

  • What type of certification does your mechanic’s auto shop hold? A properly licensed auto shop must abide by rules and regulations which help guarantee the quality of work done as well as the charging of fair rates (an ASE – Automotive Service Excellence is a good indicator of quality).
  • What type of parts will be used during work on your vehicle? Will they be “original items” (manufactured, or at least approved, by the manufacturer of your vehicle) or will cheaper, replacement parts be used.
  • What type of guarantee does your mechanic provide? For instance, If the problem you came to them with returns not long after being fixed will they fix it again free of charge.
  • How does your mechanic figure out how much to charge you? The most straightforward way is to sum up the cost of parts and add cost of labor (a certain rate multiplied by how long it took to get the job done).
  • Is your mechanic one who specializes (at least amongst other things) in working on vehicles such as yours?
  • Do they offer any extras such as a replacement vehicle (for you to use until work on your car is done), rides to where you need to get to after you drop your car off, a nice waiting room with coffee and a place to work on your lap top etc.

Once you make certain you’ve picked a mechanic who’s highly qualified, truly honest and offers competitive rates just go ahead and stick with them.