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Client Testimonials

“My husband and I were taking a romantic drive to the bay for a sunset walk. It was beautiful – until on the way back into San Mateo the fuel gauge abruptly sank to “E” and we found ourselves stranded on the edge of town on the freeway! My father, a retired bus driver, had spoken very highly of the gentleman in Rollie Auto Body & Ro and so I didn’t hesitate in giving them a call to come and fix us up with a tank of gas. They were so fast and very professional indeed. The quote over the phone was a nice touch too, as I am usually shocked by the high price of emergency services. This time, the price was reasonable and I was very pleased to have called them!” Shirley Eastman

“I was new to San Mateo and was driving my ancient relic of a car around to get acquainted better with the city. Of course, something happened to the car and it stopped working. I had absolutely no idea where I was or what was wrong. I asked a passerby if they knew of a towing and auto repair service I could use and I was immediately given the most glowing recommendation of Rollie Auto Body & Towing. I called them and (thanks to the passerby) was able to give the address. It was incredible – they came out within minutes and took a look at my car, which needed to be towed. I was worried we would have to wait even longer for a tow truck, but the mechanic already came in one just in case! Now that’s what I call prepared!”  Colin Powers

“Dead batteries. It had never happened to me before. Unfortunately, when it happened I was on my way back from the Burning Man festival to my parents’ house in San Mateo. I was dead tired and just wanted to take a shower and climb into bed! I called my dad who called for Rollie Auto Body & Towing to come to me on the outskirts of San Mateo. They were there in a flash, replaced the dead battery and I was back on my way to the comfort of my parents’ shower in no time!” Dan Sturgess

“If you don’t already have a spare set of car keys, I recommend you get one cut! I managed to lock myself out of my car this morning when I was trying to get to a job interview. I was very short on time, so I was thrilled when the locksmith from Rollie turned up so quickly. The interview went well too!” Sharon Gall