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a camper or anything that attaches at the back of the vehicle is a tricky process. Driving a vehicle with another set of wheels is way different than driving a vehicle alone. A simple mistake can make the ride bumpy or uncomfortable, which can potentially damage the load or cause accident towards other drivers and yourself. Thus, it is best to know some tips to make sure that the towing process is done safely and securely.

  • Know the towing capacity of the vehicle.

Before hauling a certain amount of cargo, it is best to know your car’s towing capacity. Towing a lot of weight can definitely cause myriad of problems, no matter how powerful the engine is. So the best way to avoid these issues is to check the manual of the vehicle to know the specific weight that it can tow.

  • Proper weight distribution

Keeping aware on the proper weight distribution is also necessary in towing. Since this process is nearly the same as moving heavy objects in a mobile truck, putting all the objects according to its weight can make towing smoother and safer. It is always best to start loading the heaviest cargo first then the smaller cargos. Make sure to balance both sides of the trailer to reduce the chances of flipping.

  • Check the mirrors and use proper lighting

Proper side view mirrors are necessary to tow the vehicle safely, especially in maneuvering it in curves and switching lanes. There are different types of side view mirrors and each type can help you see the traffic in lanes. Install the right side view mirror and do not forget to use proper headlight or brake light when travelling at night.

  • Perform a routine tire maintenance

Before towing a vehicle, check the tires and see to it that they are in proper condition. Like any other automotive components, tires need continual maintenance or replacement. Ignoring it can leave you stranded or put you at risk for accidents. Aside from thinking on the proper towing process, you also have to bear in mind the set of wheels available in case it wears out unexpectedly.

  • Synchronize the brakes

Brakes are essential in making the towing process effective and safe. Make sure that the braking system is working properly to avoid disaster on the road. Watch your speed and give some plenty of extra room in braking. Avoiding heavy braking will minimize wear and tear and possible accidents.

  • Slow down

Individuals who are used to fast speed should slow down a bit in towing. With the added weight and the length of a towed vehicle, it can be dangerous to speed up the travelling. Speeding will increase the amount of trailer sway and will make it harder to stop quickly when needed. Stay cool and be cautious when towing a vehicle.

  • Keep practicing

If it is your first time to tow a vehicle, practice definitely makes the towing perfect. Try to tow a vehicle in an area where there is less traffic. Using the proper gears and equipments, slowly tow the vehicle until you get yourself familiar with the process.